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Walking with Us - read our BLF report into the needs of families in Wales

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

"Walking with Us" is a scoping exercise that reached 154 adults who care for disabled children across Wales with the aim of giving them a voice that will inform the structure and delivery model of an ambitious three-year project specifically created for the families of disabled children by the families of disabled children. 

We've published the report, which you can read in English or Welsh.

Headlines from the report

We ran seven scoping workshops across Wales, with 35 parents and six professionals, and we surveyed 113 respondents.

We found out:

  • The top three challenges facing families are mental health and wellbeing, education and behaviour.
  • The most frequently cited support that parents would like to see in the future is respite (short breaks).
  • 73 per cent of respondents said they wanted information via workshops and/or written or online guides.
  • The most commonly cited need among newly diagnosed families was to meet other families like themselves.

Moving forwards

We plan to use the findings of this scoping project to create the delivery model of an ambitious sustainable project that will address the issues parents face across Wales, and provide the level and depth of local support to families that they are indicating is essential.

The Awards for All "Walking with Us" grant has allowed us to collect powerful evidence of the need and requirements of parents across Wales that we will use in our applications for funding for this future project.

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