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Take part in NHS challenging behaviour study

Tuesday 14th January 2020

We're helping the NHS test an early intervention course for parents with pre-school children with learning disabilities, supporting parents to manage their child's behaviour. 

More than 190 parents have already joined the study, and there are still some places left.  

Many families that are already part of the study have told us that they enjoy meeting research assistants to talk about their child's behaviour and to reflect on how they are feeling.

Are you interested in helping?

To find out how to get involved please email the project team at the University College London epicc-id@ucl.ac.uk

How to get involved

  • Does your child have delays in development and challenging behaviour (e.g. screaming, hitting themselves or others, breaking and damaging things, not listening to you)?
  • Is your child aged 3-5 years old ?

The study is taking place in North and South London, the North East of England.

To find out how to get involved please email the project team epicc-id@ucl.ac.uk

The project team, parents and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) have put together an article and podcast on how to get support with managing challenging behaviour. 

Listen to the podcast and read the article.

The article also includes a suggested clinical pathway for children with possible learning disability and challenging behaviour.