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Take action on £175 million cut from disabled children

Wednesday 10th October 2018

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Universal Credit in the news again. But why is no-one is talking about the £175 million that will be cut from families with disabled children when it's fully introduced? We need to change this and stop the cut.


100,000 families with disabled children will be worse off by more than £1,750 per year as a result of the 50% cut to the child disability payment under Universal Credit. That's £175 million less going towards helping disabled children with their extra care costs.

Families with disabled children who'll be affected in this way are already struggling to afford basics like food and heating. A cut of more than £1,750 a year is likely to result in increased debt, stress and ill health.

We recently asked more than 2,500 families how they felt about Universal Credit as part of our Counting the Costs research. 7 in 10 said they are worried about its introduction. 

Why would any government introduce a system that makes caring for a disabled child more difficult and stressful?

That's why we're asking you to write to your MP asking them to raise this hidden issue in Parliament and with the Minister for Disabled People.

Need help understanding Universal Credit?

Visit our Universal Credit webpage for more information about Universal Credit and who is expected to claim it.

You can also download our Universal Credit - the essentials factsheet [PDF]

If you are affected by any of these issues and need advice, get in touch with our helpline on 0808 808 3555.