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Thursday 2nd August 2018


Did you know that we have a range of newsletters to keep you up-to-date with all the latest disability news, updates about Contact's work and activities, and opportunities for you to get involved in what we do?

And now we've made it even easier for you to choose exactly what you want to receive from us. Just visit our sign up page, fill in your details and never miss an update from us again.

Our new range of newsletters

What's new is our flagship e-newsletter, sent in the last week of every month, with all the latest news and updates from Contact.

Find out about new laws and legislation around disability, information about the advice and support we offer, and what's going on in our campaign and fundraising teams.

Once every three months, we send out a What's new benefit special, keeping you informed about the latest changes to the welfare system.

Our campaign updates are for those who want to receive emails dedicated to letting you know how to get involved in our policy work. Whether that's taking part in petitions, becoming one of our case studies, or coming along to our campaign events.

Our fundraising updates are emails dedicated to opportunities to support our work, whether by making a donation, taking on a fundraising challenge, or sharing our fundraising activities among your friends or in your workplace.

Finally, many of our teams around the UK produce regional newsletters, with news about local events and activities in the area.

Sign up for a Contact newsletter today

You can sign up to any or all of our central newsletters on our newsletter opt in page.

And if you want to sign up to a regional newsletter, find out what support we provide in your area.