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Help us lift the cap on money off childcare

Tuesday 6th November 2018

87% Of Mums Can 't Work As Much As They 'd Like To

Our new Counting the Costs research shows that 87% of mothers with disabled children can't work as much as they'd like to, often due to a lack of suitable childcare. When they are able to find childcare, the costs are often unaffordable.

Under working tax credits and Universal Credit, parents can get help with their childcare costs. But the maximum amount of childcare costs that can be taken into account for one child is capped at £175 a week.

Unfortunately, childcare costs for families with disabled children can be well over the £175 a week cap because of their child's additional needs. That's why we want the cap on maximum childcare costs to be increased to £300 for a disabled child.

Add your name below to call on the government to lift the tax credits and Universal Credit cap on eligible childcare.

If you need advice on work or childcare our helpline have produced web pages that explain your rights and what to do if you are refused childcare.

With your help our Counting the Costs campaign to stop the £175 million cut to child disability payments under Universal Credit is now in firmly in the spotlight.

Your campaigning can really make a difference to families with disabled children.