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Extra help for carers in Scotland starts this month

Monday 3rd September 2018

This month will see the first payment of the new Carer's Allowance supplement to carers in Scotland. This is a lump sum payment of £221 made by the Scottish government to people in Scotland who are on Carer's Allowance.

The lump sum is equivalent of £8.50 per week backdated to April and is designed to ensure that Carer's Allowance payments in Scotland are equivalent to £73.10 per week rather than £64.60.  

The supplement will be paid by lump sum twice a year. The first of these payments should be made in September, and you should receive a payment if you live in Scotland and were getting Carer's Allowance on 16 April 2018.

You won't need to take any steps to claim this. Instead the Scottish government will automatically write to you in the week beginning 10 September telling you when you will receive this lump sum.

The earliest date anyone will receive their lump sum payment is 13 September. It is expected that most people will have been paid by the end of September but in a few cases you may not receive a payment until October. 

The Carer's Allowance supplement will be ignored as income for other benefits and tax credits. More detailed information about the scheme is available from the Scottish government's website.