Give in memory

Remember your loved one's life and support a cause close to their heart. Celebrate someone's memory with Contact and help us continue our work with families with disabled children.

What difference will my money make?

There are thousands of families with disabled children in the UK. Your money will go towards helping families overcome the sometimes, enormous challenges they face. Your money will help:

  • make families less isolated - just one day out can make such a difference to disabled children and their families - read our report on isolation [PDF] to find out more about the situations families face
  • provide specialist training and information for parents - including behaviour that challenges, managing sleep problems, managing debts and common challenges that families face
  • help parents deal with the financial pressures they face - we found out it cost three times more to raise a child with a disability compared to one without. We help parent carers have access to the help they need. Our advisers help over 900 people a month over the phone and over 1,000 people face to face.

Read more about the challenges of raising a disabled child in the UK in the parent stories section and see what difference your money can make.

Give in memory to Contact

To find out more about celebrating someone's memory with Contact, request your pack by phoning our fundraising team on 020 7608 8786 or emailing

Dennis' giving story

Dennis has kindly donated gifts to Contact since 1998 in memory of his wife Pat on her birthday and their wedding anniversary.

We received his first donation when he asked friends and family to donate to Contact in lieu of flowers. He has been supporting our work ever since, raising over £2,200 to date.