Counting the Costs 2018

Counting the Costs is our flagship research that we've carried out every two years since 2008. Last time we found there was a sharp rise in the number of families with disabled children going without heating and food. This was leading to too many disabled children and their families suffering ill health

Counting the Cost 2018

Thank you to everyone who completed our Counting the Costs 2018 survey. An amazing 2,716 people completed the survey, which will give us a unique snapshot of families' current financial situation.

We are now analysing your responses and will publish them at the end of the year. 

What difference does the research make?

As a result of the research, our campaign in 2014 achieved a number of improvements. Access to the Warm Home Discount Scheme was standardise to low income families with disabled children (and those with children under five). The government also announced an increase in the maximum amount of money that parents of disabled children can pay into their childcare scheme accounts.