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The HemiHelp magazine features a wide range of articles with a hemiplegia focus. It's a great resource for families, packed with inspirational stories; advice and information from medical professionals; career case studies; news and advice; signposting to useful resources, and info on our services and how we can support you - and you, us!

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In the Summer 2019 issue

  • We look at emotional and behavioural issues in children with hemiplegia.
  • Mia Thorne, aged 12, on her journey as a fundraiser and advocate for disabled rights.
  • Cara Evans on her 21-year career in the charity sector.
  • Heather Lacey on how she's helping increase diversity in children's books.
  • Gretchen Briggs on applying her speech and language expertise to her own son.
  • We delve into the stories of some of our amazing fundraisers.
  • All the latest news from HemiHelp and much more!

For £12 per year you will receive three HemiHelp magazines, chock full of useful info and uplifting articles about living with hemiplegia. The magazine will be available online as a digital flip book. You'll also get access to all back copies of the online magazine.

And by subscribing, you're helping fund our vital events, publications and services to support families living with hemiplegia.

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Subscription to HemiHelp magazine - FAQs

Why are you asking for subscriptions to HemiHelp magazine?

We need money to run our Try It Days, produce updated information leaflets, hold information workshops and manage the Facebook group. By asking supporters to pay for the magazine we can raise much needed funds to run these vital services for families living with hemiplegia.

How much will the subscription cost?

The subscription is £12 for one year; three magazines.

What will I receive for my subscription?

We will produce three editions of HemiHelp magazine per year. The magazine will be accessed online on a site called PageSuite, as a digital flip book. You will also have access to back issues of the online magazine.

How will I access the magazine online?

When you sign up and pay for your subscription, you will set up a username and password for PageSuite, a website where you can view issues of the magazine online.

Can I receive a printed paper copy of the magazine?

We know that people appreciated receiving a paper copy. However, like many charities, in the current economic climate we cannot justify the high costs of printing and posting the magazine. It is also more environmentally friendly to produce a digital copy. You will be able to print out the magazine from PageSuite.

Will I be able to subscribe per edition or do I have to sign up for the year?

We are only offering a one-year subscription, for three magazines.

If I've already signed up for the magazine subscription in the past, will I have to re-subscribe?

This is the first year we are offering a subscription - previously the magazine was a benefit of being a HemiHelp member who made a regular monthly or annual donation to HemiHelp.

What happens at the end of the subscription year?

When you subscribe, you can choose whether you would like your annual subscription to expire or auto-renew at the end of each year. You will get an automated email when your year subscription is coming to an end.

Can you explain some of the tick box questions on the subscription form?

Please do NOT send me emails

For any email contact, you will need to UNTICK this box.

Would you like to receive emails from the publisher in relation to their publications?

Tick this box if you are happy for Contact/HemiHelp to get in contact by email about your subscription to HemiHelp magazine.

Please use the boxes below to choose what else you're like to hear from us about by email.

I would like to receive campaign updates from Contact

Tick here for dedicated updates about our campaigning work to make a fairer world for families whose children have a disability. Make sure you have given permission for us to email you.  

I would like to receive news updates from Contact

Tick here for all the latest news from Contact. Make sure you have given permission for us to email you.

I would like to receive fundraising updates from Contact

Tick here for dedicated updates on how we are raising funds to support our vital work with families, and how you can help us. Make sure you have given permission for us to email you. See here for more details.

Please contact Lizzie.Salter@contact.org.uk with any additional questions.